Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good dog!

So I've got a job at a cafe now. For six dollars an hour I use my amazing brain to clean various surfaces and talk to people who are hungry or at least want the taste of something in their mouths. I also get free food and soy lattes and today I am listening to Prince. My whole world is dominated by smells, like the food smell I walk out of there with (this is a nice clean cafe with fresh organic ingredients, and i still smell like a goddamned hamburger) and the kitty cat smell at my parents' house that sometimes blossoms into something both disgusting and complex.

For kicks, I also help my new friend Steve paint the computer store he's opening up downtown. This is usually pretty entertaining. Steve's a good talker and has lots of opinions. Besides paying fairly generously for the privilege of watching me exercise my magical techniques with paint and linoleum, he is very nice about buying dinner. Oh, here comes a customer! No, I was mistaken. He is going next door.

My third little job is helping my parents remodel their ancient farmhouse. I don't even feel like writing about this, it's pretty self-evident.

I am boring myself with this blog experiment, perhaps because my life is a little boring at the moment. Rest assured, however, that when Donna sets out to do a thing, she does it to the very best of her own personal ability and therefore this blog, like the floor she just mopped so carefully, so lovingly, is everything it should be.


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