Tuesday, November 08, 2005


What an unbelievably strange day I had. I've been working like a maniac, trying to make money and wear myself out, so Saturday was the first day in a while when I told myself I would just get up, run, stretch, and then take it easy. Of course my idea of taking it easy is getting in the car, driving 30 miles to York, getting a big latte with soymilk, and then walking around for miles downtown. On the drive I had the music turned way up and was singing loudly and dancing with as much abandon as I could manage inside the car, shoulders jumping up and down, arms flailing rhythmically, occasionally popping out of the sunroof or window, voguing and making faces. A car with what looked like a dad and several kids followed behind me the whole way, getting more and more amused by my antics. Dad even ran two red lights to stay behind me. Quite a performance.

So i went into the farmer's market to check out the health food stand and starting talking to an builder who designs low-impact environmentally friendly houses, like earth ships. His new thing is planting trees and manipulating them to grow into dwellings. I liked his long hair and weathered, bearded face. Then when I was standing at the gyros stand waiting to get a spinach pie a chubby black guy visiting from D.C. started talking to me. He started off asking if we could get together for a drink and I turned him down flat but he kept talking to me friendly-like so I finally ended up agreeing to meet him later. I don't know what I was thinking since I didn't find him the least bit attractive but I guess I've been grateful before to have unexpected company in strange cities so maybe that's why.

Then a strange coincidence occurred. I went into a gallery to check out art and flyers and picked up one for an art opening party that night. No big deal. But later I went into a different gallery looking for this famous European artist and ended up talking to the woman whose opening it was. Immediately I got excited, thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm invited to a real party at last! My days and nights of lonesome wandering will be relieved!

I did end up deciding to do some work after all and painted Steve's bathroom floor orange. When it was time to meet Rich, the chubby guy, for drinks, I was nice and sweaty and slightly dusty, so it was pretty obvious I wasn't trying to impress anybody or regard the evening as a date.

I'm going to have to finish this later because I have to go get my pussy examined.


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