Sunday, November 20, 2005

Today I have this unconquerable pain deep in both sides of my buttocks and all down both legs. I think it's from doing capoeira drills day before yesterday and then yoga yesterday and then working ten hours in the cafe without getting to sit down more than once. I made so many sandwiches! Anyway I keep sort of reflexively massaging the problem area.

I had a really great phone interview with an Americorps program in Tempe, AZ. There was a lot of good-natured laughter over the inherent chaos and disorganization of non-profit organizations. I'm trying not to attach too much to the idea of living there, but it's hard when my heart literally skips a beat at the thought of escaping the east coast in the middle of winter. The Philadelphia program has already selected me, so at least I definitely have a job come January that will get me out of York County. Kass at the cafe persists in his hopeful delusion that I will suddenly change my mind and decide to work for him forever at six dollars an hour mixing smoothies and tossing salad. And there is plenty of house painting to do, so i don't lack for work. And I have Spanish homework to do, which I enjoy, and Trish to talk with every now and then, and a few acquaintances to have drinks with, and some kind of art event to organize, and a performance to throw together. So I am going to try to be content with this unchosen, patched-together life for now.


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