Wednesday, November 02, 2005

when work is not work

I just had a nice time with my coworker Noemi, who is from El Salvador. We're helping each other with our languages. My Spanish is only slightly less bad than her English, so it's tricky. We spent some time naming things in the kitchen, then I showed her my little book with drawings from Mexico and explained brokenly about traveling there, and then she wanted me to draw a picture of her so I did. It's very hard to talk to somebody normally when you don't know the right words for ideas like "soon," or "before," or "let's replace that with a clean plate." But for a few minutes there while i was drawing a rather subdued picture i felt peaceful and not too worried about the comprehension thing.

Otherwise the day has been getting pretty long and boring. There was an exciting little rush of people wanting to eat at lunchtime, and then nothing for three and a half hours now.

My new sleeping position is either flat on my back with my feet underneath a pillow that I keep under the covers or awkwardly curled up on my right side, since i have a strange little rash or breakout or something on the left side of my face. it's not like a deformity or anything but it's making me feel a bit old, like I'm over the late adolescent/early-20s grace period when everyone's as beautiful as they're going to get unless they develop a sudden new sense of confidence in middle age and now I'm moving into a late-20s kind of faint seaminess. My shoes are about three years old I think and my hair is unkempt and too long for my spartan tastes and now the old skin starts developing bumps and problem areas.


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